3rd April 2014


Gegara datang ke AiChe speed-dating aku jadi pingin bingitssss study abroad ke Denmark! sampe browsing mulu gimana tempatnya, lingkungannya, berapa lama jarak tempuh Dari sana ke German, Paris, Spain, UK, sampe sempet pengen juga ke turkey! Hahaha

Wahai Kau, kakak kelas, selamat! Kau berhasil nge-brain washed aku. Gimana dong? Bayarin aku study aboard summer tahun depan yak! just kidding!

Hopefully I can make this dream come true, in Sha Allah. I’m hoping to get a co-op job or internship this summer so I can save some money. And I also want to join muktamar this year at San Fransisco. Muktamar has been my favorite conference of all my life, so I hope I can come again. In Sha Allah.

Hah! I have so many dreams…
Yang ke Korea Aja belum terealisasi.
Tapi yaaaa, I’ll keep that aside for a while. Agak kecewa sih karena enggak keterima summer program ke Korea yang tahun ini. So, yeah, I’ll challenge myself for another dream!

“You may say, I’m a dreamer. But, I’m not the only one.”


-Aci the dreamer-

2nd April 2014


Bayang kan……….
Jam 12 (midnight) aku baru sampe rumah.

Please let me cry. Please.
Comp tools exam is killing me. Can you believe I just did an exam for 6 hours long. Literally. I Sat for 6 hours. Trying to solve stupid problems. Still not sure if I get it right. I want to kill myself.


1st April 2014

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My day in Adʿiyah

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30th March 2014

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Hahaha even though I’m a woman myself, I still think this is funny. In fact, it’s the truth! Women are noisy!

Hahaha even though I’m a woman myself, I still think this is funny. In fact, it’s the truth! Women are noisy!

30th March 2014

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29th March 2014


After last night game, I shall say University of Kentucky basketball and Louisville basketball are the best college rival by far.

It always so exciting to watch those two teams play against each other. and I am so happy UK won the game!! After couple of games this season I kinda doubted that they gonna make it this far, but now I believe UK can win the national championship, in Sha Allah! Don’t get me wrong, I love UK. In fact, UK still my favorite team. But FYI, I have a lot of respect for Louisville. I don’t hate their team and I hate seeing my friends mocking on the other team or talk bad about the other team. IMHO, as the best college basketball team in the nation, we must show them how classy we are not only as a fan but as a whole big blue nation.

I remember in 2012, when UK beats UL in final four. It was extremely crazy, here in Lexington. Almost everyone around campus got drunk. They burned couches. Someone got naked. It was crazy. And on the final the same thing happened except it became a lot more advanced. They burned a car in addition. Super crazy!

This year, UK met UL in sweet16, we won! The same thing happened again.

I don’t know what to say, honestly. Everyone need to calm down. There’s another game coming.

But, anyway, go cats!!!

One step at a time! a road to national championship!!! In Sha Allah :)

26th March 2014

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If someone corrects you, and you feel offended, then you have an ego problem.
— Nouman Ali Khan (via mardhiyya)

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26th March 2014


Hari minggu kemarin aku datang ke pengajian. Materi yang di sampaikan mengenal aqidah.

It’s such a heavy material, I shall say.
Banyak sekali aspect yang aku sendiri pun masih bertanya-tanya.
Aku masih banyak enggak ngertinya. ilmu ku masih cetek banget.
Karena, Aqidah bukan semata mempercayai Atau beriman terhadap Allah swt dan sifat-sifat kesempurnaanNya.

Kalo pas nonton video dr. Naik di YouTube, I feel like nothing. MashaaAllah. His brain capacity is hugeeeee! He memorize all the kitabs from all religions. Try to YouTube his name, you gonna see how smart he is. It’s crazy!!!

Aqidah itu sebenarnya apa? Aqidah itu sendiri mempunya artian yang Sungguh luas, dan aspect yang Ada di dalamnya juga tidak kalah luasnya.
Misalnya ilmu aqidah.
Ada beberapa branches ilmu aqidah. Yaitu: ilmu tauhid, ilmu usuluddin, ilmu makrifat, ilmu kalam, dan ilmu aqidah itu sendiri. It can takes yearsss to explain. Even some scholars still learning about it.

Sekarang, mana yang lebih penting, belajar ilmu agama Atau belajar ilmu dunia? Ke mana kita Akan pergi setelah meninggal? nanti Kira-Kira pas meninggal dikasih soal thermodynamic? Disuruh ngerjain matlab? Bikin program?

now, It’s up to us to decide..
Ilmu dunia penting, tapi tetap lah belajar ilmu akhirat. We never know.

“And whoever turns away from My remembrance - indeed, he will have a depressed life, and We will gather him on the Day of Resurrection blind.” [20:124]

26th March 2014

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It’s my mom’s birthday!

Today is march 26. Which meansss…….

It’s my mom’s birthday, y’all!!!

Happy birthday to my mom! Yayyy!!!
Semoga sehat, senang, dan selalu bersemangat, mama.
I love you sooooo much!
I can’t wait to see you in about a month, in Shaa Allah.

25th March 2014


You better be kidding me. It’s march 25, and it’s snowing.


Allah is so amazing.