9th July 2014

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Sate Padang


Sate Padang

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30th June 2014

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29th June 2014



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29th June 2014

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LOL!!!! That’s right!!! >.

LOL!!!! That’s right!!! >.

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28th June 2014

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Lee dong wook is such a charming guy. I have to say that he is so lovely. Gawdd! If you see him for the first time you might think he is an ok guy. I mean like regular normal normal guy. But the more you see him… You’ll get attracted to him. Hahaha just kidding. Maybe it’s just just me. But, oh!! I really like him! I want to meet him so badly, you know. Just to say hi or say “whatsup, oppa?” Bahahahhaha

Zzzzzz. Wth am I thinking?

But anyway, Ramadan Mubarak my dear friends!!! Maaf ya kalau Ada salah-salah. Masa mau puasa masih Ada rasa benci, kesal, atau dendam. enggak nikmat Nanti puasanya, ya toh? So, maafkan aku yakkk! And I hope you guys have an awesome Ramadan, yes?! it’s gonna be amazing, insha’Allah!!! I’m so excited!!!! Let’s do this!!!

26th June 2014


Julius Randel going to LA Lakers and James Young going to Boston Celtics! What a great NBA Draft! I’m so pumped!! Can’t wait to see them play in NBA next season!

Oh and.. The World Cup this year had driving crazy…. For some reason. There were too many surprises.
Who are you guys rooting for?
Well, for me, I want Germany to win it all. But I think Netherlands is good and Brazil is also good. Hahahhaa so I don’t really care who’s going to win.

I think it will be so boring when the World Cup is done. No basketball. No soccer. only baseball or softball. Ah! Give me something fun!!!

23rd June 2014


I got an early birthday card from hallmark. That’s sweet!! 💕

I got an early birthday card from hallmark. That’s sweet!! 💕

23rd June 2014


  • Bang ayen: ci, ngapo ado bupati yang bapak-bapak yo?
  • Aku: hah?
  • Bang ayen: kan seharusnyo bupati untuk ibu-ibu, kalo pakpati baru untuk bapak-bapak.
  • *smh*
  • Sometimes bang ayen memanglah garing. Hahaha

22nd June 2014

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My new sounds: my older brother recited surah al-waqiah 75-96

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19th June 2014


So, who we have left now? Sunny, yuri, Jessica, hyeyeon, and baby seohyun.


Congrats to kid-leader-taeyeon. LOL!! Good choice… (Am I being sarcastic? I think not) hahaha. I kennot! I kennot!

*puk puk fans baekhyun and taeyeon*

Life must go on…

I’m curios about my baby-unie-seohyun. She is my favorite out of all the members. I love her since I know SNSD and I love her because of her awesome personality. So, I’m waiting your bf to be revile too, baby-unie. Hohohohoo :p