15th September 2014

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First day of school in Gaza Sep 14th,2014.

School was delayed in Beit Hanoun because people is taking shelter in schools as they lost their houses were destroyed in the recent israeli attack on Gaza. The school plan is about outside class rooms activities to help children get over the psychological trauma after war .

Children prayed for their dead friends and put up their names instead of the place they should have be using is school.

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4th September 2014

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We’ll get there eventually


just keep moving :)

Don’t ever give up, just keep moving. :) #NtMs

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30th August 2014


Dad sent me this picture. bahahaha can you believe that was me about 14 years ago?! 😂🔫

Dad sent me this picture. bahahaha can you believe that was me about 14 years ago?! 😂🔫

24th August 2014


Entah aku yang terlalu santai, entah emang ga ada juga yang harus dipersiapkan.

Kuliah mulai in 3 days, y’all!!!!! *panic attract*

Please make a du’a for me. Please.

24th August 2014

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24th August 2014

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lol! Seriously, that must be a joke! :))

lol! Seriously, that must be a joke! :))

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22nd August 2014

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Mesmerizing Bambu Inda Resort, Bali

22nd August 2014

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Watermepples →


These are a thing.

Japanese agriculural scientists have crossed the genes of an apple with the genes of a watermelon hence giving birth to what they are referring to as watermepples. Its taken approximately 7 years of research and experimentation to perfect the final product but they…

21st August 2014


Beautiful. Beautiful Story.

aaaaakkkkkk! baru aja buka facebook, terus di timeline nemu tulisan dari salah satu islamic scholar. here is the story:


Beautiful story.

"Hiba Ammar writes: When my father proposed to my mother, he dedicated Surah Al-Imran, which he memorized off heart, as her "Mahr" (dowry). And when my husband proposed to me, my father told him that he would have to memorize a Surah of the Quran as my mahr. The wedding will not go on unless I’ve received my mahr I was asked to pick one of the surahs. I chose Surah Al-Noor. For all the laws that Surah contained within it and for the fact that it seemed hard to memorize on my behalf.

And before our wedding day; aside of being busy preparing for our “Newly wedded Nest”, the Quran wouldn’t leave my husband’s hand an entire month as he was memorizing the Surah.

A few day before our wedding day, my husband came to recite to my father the Surah which he had completed. My father told him every time u make a mistake, you would have to start from the beginning all over

My husband began reciting Surah Al-Noor with his calm/gentle voice in such a “beautiful” scene which I will never forget. My mother and I would look at one another and would smile awaiting my husband to make a mistake so he would have to start all over again and by that increase my “Reward”.

But my husband - May Allah bless him - had memorized the Surah off heart and didn’t even forget one single verse of it. Once he finished my father hugged him and said to him: “Today I shall marry my daughter to you, for you have fulfilled her mahr and your pledge to me..”

He didn’t pay me a financial mahr, and we didn’t buy gold worth tens of thousands. He sufficed me with Allah’s words as an oath/ contract between us. And the Question is…. I wonder what Surah my daughter will chose as her mahr in the future?”


keren kan ya? ihhhhh mau gitu jugakkk! hahahaha. hmmm… let me think which surah will be for my mahar. :))

20th August 2014


Textbook in here is crazy expensive. I don’t know why. I’m dying. One book cost like $235. What? And I have 5 classes. …..


I’m not gonna buy textbook this semester. If i do, I’ll just buy the cheapest. :))