19th August 2014

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إذا عرفت نفسك فلا يضرك ما قيل فيك
“If you know yourself, then you’ll not be harmed by what is said about you.”
— Imam Sufyan Al Thawri (via cavum)

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18th August 2014

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rather than thinking of what kind of friend should you look for. think about what kind of friend you should be!

7th August 2014

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Ah! I got to ate 3 bowls of mie Ayam bakso today!! Yayness!!!

Muahahhahaha you all might wonder how could I ate 3 bowls?! Like literally! and it’s not like small portion of mie Ayam it’s the big one! For those who don’t know. I’ve been eating like this since….. I don’t know since when. But, it’s not a surprise at all that I ate that much. :))

Crazy, right? I know! And FYI timbangan ku 54kg loh! No kidding! Hahahaha

ok. So, this afternoon I was watching standup comedy on YouTube and then suddenly I typed on the search box “Bagaimana cara membuat mie Ayam” and I was like, woah… That’s easy! I can do that!! and yes, Alhamdulillah I did it! and yes, it taste good! I’m not kidding! Hahahhaa

So, if you all come over to my place, I’ll make you some mie Ayam, maybe. :D



5th August 2014

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This is mind blowing. We are only taught one way.

5th August 2014


22 Things All Engineers Have To Deal With In College http://www.collegefill.com/22-things-all-engineers-have-to-deal-with-in-college-2/

LOL!!! Everything is soooo true!!!

3rd August 2014


Bahahahahaa.. Oh, typical indonesian people. No offense. I know not all of us are like this. But, whyyyy?! -___-

Masa iya, komen bagus-bagus, gue yg disinggung. What kind of society is this? lol *smh*

I don’t get that kind of people and I still don’t understand why I still found one. Oh, well!

May Allah soften their heart and make them to always look and think about everything in positive way. Aamiin.

2nd August 2014



Gimana biar hemat/enggak beli apa-apa pas ke mall atau tempat sejenisnya?

Caranya gampang, bawa uang secukupnya, kalau perlu jangan bawa uang sama sekali. Dijamin kalian enggak beli apa-apa, kecuali kalian maksa minta dibeliin sama temen yang pergi sama kalian. Muehehhehe

2nd August 2014



Gimana caranya biar bisa ngaji pake nada yang bagus?

Buka YouTube, cari Qori/Qoriah favorite kalian. Dengerin terus berualng-ulang. Dari bangun tidur, waktu luang seperti waktu di Mobil, lagi olahraga, atau pas kalian lagi di mana pun, dan terakhir sebelum tidur. Coba dan ikutin terus, jangan sampe bosen sampe suara mereka stuck in your head. In Shaa Allah Nanti nadanya juga ikut bagus dan merdu kaya Qori/Qoriah favorite kalian itu.

Selamat mencoba! :)

31st July 2014



Gimana biar Kita termasuk orang-orang yang ga suka ngomongin orang lain?

Caranya gampang,
Coba kalian deketin orang yang suka ngomongin orang lain itu, sekali aja, tapi dengerin mereka ngomong sampe kalian muak/pusing/jengkel sendiri. Aku jamin deh, kalian enggak bakalan mau jadi orang yang menjengkelkan seperti mereka juga. Nah, Nanti kalian in Shaa Allah jadi orang yang Lebih baik, bisa menjaga perkataan/tutur kata, dan sangat dicintai Allah!

Selamat mencoba yaaa :)

31st July 2014

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First of all, Terima kasih Kiki-Amy buat sarannya. Sepertinya aku juga berkeberatan, dari pada enggak ikhlas jadi Sudah ku putuskan untuk tidak minjemin temen ku. Makasih ya! :)

Oh, and second of all, semoga teman-teman semua had a wonderful and blessed eid! I know, I feel blessed because the Eid this year is (almost) on my birthday. Hahahhaa I really wanted it to be on July 29th, but July 28th is fine with me too. I never celebrate my birthday anyway. Paling ya makan keluarga itu pun sekedarnya. Kalo pun sama teman juga paling sekedarnya, enggak pernah yang mewah dan ngundang ratusan orang. So, Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah I feel so blessed and happy that Allah made Idul Al-fitr this year on (almost) my birthday.

And, last but not least.. I want to try posting a short tips for you guys, in Shaa Allah. Some of them might be really funny/doesn’t make sense or some might be kinda serious tips, anyway, it will be just random tips! So I hope you’d like them! :D